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a collection of works developed during a period of study.

The Concept

There is an ongoing fundamental dynamic between existence and creativity.

Every individual is endowed with the ability to create a persona that is shown to the world. 


But the persona is not a static thing, nor is the world in which it exists. It is thus required to be continually creative, responding to the internal and external dynamics of existence. 


This project is how two individuals, A and B, respond to that dynamic.



From the concepts rise the actual objects in various forms. The works presented here take a multitude of forms, both actual (realized in the tactile/sensual world) and digital. 

Each artist, A or B provide a specific response to various concepts by using the mediums and techniques with which the work is brought to realization. These realizations may be generated digitally and then brought to the analogue world or created in the analogue world and captured in an NFT.

The work, if it exists in the analogue world, may be offered as an adjunct to the NFT when the work is sold. The option of including the piece in the sale  will be identified in the description provided on



The choice has been to develop the artworks and show them through the medium of the NFT. The development of a marketplace that is accessible to anyone who has a desire to create art and to monetize it has been a beneficial occurrence.

The forum for the showing and marketing of ABworks is via the platform.

The website is to provide additional information surrounding each work as well as providing an insight into the actual process in the creation of the work as well as commentary on its development. 

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